A 14" wide fuselage and your legs out in the windstream? Are you crazy?! Well, yes we are! Crazy about flying this unique aircraft with it's wide open cockpit and fantastic visibility.


With it's heritage tracing back to our original Airbike, the AeroMax is our newest design and some say our most fun. Similar to a motorcycle or Jetski, the pilot doesn't just sit in a cockpit, he/she "wears" the aircraft! Wave at your friends, smell the ocean and explore the countryside in the AeroMax. What a blast! It's the perfect warm-weather airplane. And when the weather gets cooler just bundle up and keep flying. They drive snowmobiles in the winter, don't they?


Check out the photos below. Doesn't that look like fun? The AeroMax is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Here are some of the standard features of the AeroMax

  • Heavy duty airframe, for large guys and large engines
  • Open step-through cockpit (easy access)
  • Spring steel landing gear
  • Easily removable wings
  • Fiberglass "droop" wingtips
  • Wheel drum brakes
  • Two 6 1/2 gallon wing tanks
  • Pre-fabricated metal parts
  • CNC Laser cut and marked plywood parts
  • Electronic elevator trim
  • Outstanding short field performance

The AeroMax has the most advanced kit in its class, with pre-fabricated metal components and CNC Laser-cut plywood parts. They're not only cut to shape, but are also laser marked with the part number, orientation in the airframe and the required fasteners. Now that's a real time saver! With the AeroMax kit you save time 3 ways: The parts are pre-fabricated, they fit perfectly and there is much less "head-scratching" as you try to figure out how everything goes together.


Because of this ingenious construction method plans are not available or even required. All you need is the AeroMax construction manual.


Plan on doing a lot of "off-airport" landings? Then ask about our Tundra Tire option. With those big fat soft wheels and the AeroMax's slow stall speed you can land just about anwhere. And soon we hope to offer a float option for water operation.



AeroMax Specifications
Build time 250-300 hours
Engine Hirth F-23, 50 HP
Fuel Capacity 13 Gallons
Flight controls 3-Axis
Wingspan 28' - 5"
Wing area 127.7 sq. ft.
Length 17' - 10"
Height 5' - 11"
Empty weight 429 lbs.
Gross weight 738 lbs.
Design load factors +4.4 -2.2 G


AeroMax Performance              
Top speed
75 mph
Cruise speed 69 mph
Stall speed 32 mph
Vne 110 mph
Climb rate >1500 fpm
Take-off Roll < 160 ft.
Landing Roll 140 ft.

"In the AeroMax I can judge my speed by the air stream over the hairs on my legs."

 -David Trump, Tasmania


AeroMax Complete Quick-Build Kit

Complete AeroMax Open Cockpit High-Wing Airframe Construction Kit. for Hirth F-23. What's included in a complete kit?



Note: A $350.00 crate fee will be applied plus shipping cost.

Complete 1650 EROS Enclosed Mid Wing Airframe Construction Kit.


  • Available
  • Shipping Time: more than 5 days1

AeroMax Fuselage Kit

Includes everything to build the Fuselage

Note: A $150.00  crate fee will be applied plus shipping cost.

AeroMax Fuselage


  • Available
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days1

AeroMax Wing Kit

Includes everything to Build the AeroMax Wings + Hardware

Note: a $150.00 crate fee will be applied plus shipping cost

AeroMax Wing Kit


  • Available
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days1

AeroMax Empennage

Includes everything to build the Empennage Kit

Note: shipping cost is not included

AeroMax Empennage


  • Available
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days1

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1 Applies to shipping within United States. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Information
2 Not including tax