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Fixed pitch & Ground Adjustable 2 & 3 Blade

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Center hole Specifics

Hub Thickness

Power Fin 2 or 3 Blade Model B Propeller

The 'B' model is a general use propeller blade, although specifically designed to run on significantly smaller diameters than most other props. The Model-B runs very well on a 582/2.58 as a three blade 60" for example, and can out-produce our competition even when running much smaller diameters. Also our most popular and recommended blade for bow fishing applications.

Diameter Range: Minimum: 48" <> Maximum 65"
Speed Range: 22 - 95 knots / 25 - 110 mph


The Apex series, fully ground adjustable hubs are the finest crafted hubs available to the ultralight and experimental market. These hubs offer features that are unavailable by any of our competitors. They are highly sculpted solid 6061-T6 aluminum and are made to the finest CNC machining tolerances in the industry. In fact, we specifically designed the machining process to insure a perfectly balanced prop hub. Each hub is hand polished to a beautiful finish you will be proud to display. It takes longer to make Apex hubs, it’s true, but there is no comparison between these hubs and any other offered by our competition.

The multi-blade configurations offered with the Apex hubs allow us to take advantage of the large reduction ratios offered by Rotax and Hirth in their gearboxes. Also, more horsepower can be loaded into more blades so this may be a solution to some applications that have limited room to turn a propeller.
All hubs ship with aircraft grade hardware for assembly and mounting. The standard size mounting bolts are 80mm in length. Longer bolts to accommodate spacers or back plates for spinners may be requested. Drilled holes for safety wire may also be requested. Please contact us for additional information, pricing, and availability.
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