Although we try to make our plans and builder manuals as clear as possible we realize you still might have questions when you're building, or even thinking about building, one of our kits. Give us a call (1-855-TeamMax, or 1-855-832-6629) or send us an email ( We'll do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Experimental Aircraft Association

If you're not already a member, we strongly recommend joining the EAA. This worldwide organization of over 176,000 members has many benefits:

  • Tech Counselors to assist and inspect your project
  • Printed monthly Sport Aviation magazine; also Experimenter and Light Plane World "electronic" newsletters
  • 50 years of Sport Aviation magazine articles accessible online, searchable by keyword (for example, "Mini-Max")
  • "Hints for Homebuilders" online videos to aid construction
  • Free Webinars (live online presentations) on various aviation topics
  • EAA forums to ask questions and share information
  • Chapter Locator to find your closest local EAA Chapter
  • Aviation Calendar of Events, to find air shows, fly-ins and meetings in your area
  • They lobby in support of sport aviation
  • Discounts to AirVenture and Sun n' Fun
  • Discounts for aircraft insurance

Note: you need to be an EAA member for some of the above links to work.

East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards

The ETLB Squawk Forum is a great online community of people who support each other in their shared passion – building and flying Mini-Max aircraft. The forum can be a good source of motivation and knowledge, but anyone can post an opinion, whether they're qualified or not. Does the poster have an engineering degree? How many aircraft has he built and flown? Be very careful about taking advice from any online forum, especially if it contradicts information from the factory. Contact us if you have any questions.

Click here to learn about important safety-related changes to our plans. If you own any type of Mini-Max aircraft please read these "A.D.s" and modify your aircraft as specified. 
Flight Manual
The Flight Manual includes the Weight & Balance
Adobe Acrobat Document 480.3 KB
Wing Tank Drawing
Wing fuel Tank Drawing-To install wing Tanks
19 of 24.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 368.3 KB
Static Port Installation
Adobe Acrobat Document 798.9 KB