What's Included in a Complete Kit

  • All the plywood, wood timber and metal raw stock to build the aircraft
  • Molded plastic and fiberglass parts
  • Hinges, cables, turnbuckles, fittings
  • Bolts, nuts, washers and all other hardware
  • Fuel tank and accessories
  • Landing gear, wheels, tires, bearings, springs
  • Shoulder harness/seat belt
  • Fabric covering and cement
  • 1/2 Gallon T-88 epoxy
  • Complete plans set (except AeroMax - see below)

AeroMax Quick Build Kit

In addition to all the items above, the AeroMax comes with pre-fabricated metal components and CNC Laser-cut and laser-marked plywood components. Although it costs more than our standard kits, this is a tremendous time saver. Because of the pre-fabricated parts a full size plans set is not necessary. Instead we include a complete builder's manual for the AeroMax kit.


Note: We do not use common "hardware store" materials and fasteners. For over 25 years we have only used the finest aircraft-grade material and hardware in our kits. Compromising safety is not worth saving a few dollars!


What's Not Included In Our Kits

  • Engine
  • Prop
  • Instruments
  • Paint


Example of our Packing List (Mini-Max-103):

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2 Not including tax