Free Plans!

At Team Mini-Max we know the current economic climate is really putting a strain on many households. That's why we've decided to give our plans away for free. By offering them at no cost we hope many more pilots and potential pilots will be able to achieve their dream to fly!


When you see the quality and detail that we've put into each sheet, you will know it's an indicator of the quality of our designs and the kits themselves. So we hope you will come to Team Mini-Max when you're ready to buy a kit, sub-kit, parts or materials.


The plans will be downloadable in high-resolution Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have a large format printer or a blueprint shop nearby, we can ship you printed sheets for a nominal cost ($95.00, including shipping and handling). The price includes approximately 28 sheets printed 24" x 36". Click here to order printed plans.


By filling out the form below and pressing SEND you are acknowledging the following:


1. The plans are the sole property of Team Minimax LLC. We are making them available to individuals to study, and build one aircraft.


2. The digital plans are for your use only. They cannot be shared with other people. If others want a copy they must come here to register and download a plans set. 

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